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Last night D & I sat on the couch after soccer practice and cuddled with our laptops. We find that after a long and arduous day, sometimes the only thing that rejuvenates our spirits is making that quality time with our loved one – the internet. D kept bragging about the awesome blog he was writing (“this blog is so good it’s going to make people have diarrhea”) and I felt inadequate because I didn’t have anything to blog about. For inspiration I surfed the internet, which is less than blogging. [blogging>surfing>programming>?] When D looked over my shoulder and saw that I wasn’t editing a new post in WordPress like he was, he snickered, “Too bad we don’t have a cat or you could be blogging about it.” Tonight I am going to stay in and blog him out of the water. I will blog him until he bleeds. No one gets away with making fun of my blog. I may publish letters written by cats, but I would never give a cat its own post. Unless the cat did something reeeeally cute.  But it would have to be an inordinately slow news day.

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  1. Hey Wis, Since you don’t have anything to blog about. Then shamelessly plug this website I’m writing for

    It helps older women and younger men connect via the Internet-incredible concept huh, fuck this keyboard is in Danish, just get people to read it and Ill get you a cat.

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