Irena Sendler

I wish there was an appropriate segue here between my post about the vagina clown car and this post about a 97-year-old Polish woman who saved thousands of Jewish children from the concentration camps during World War II. But there’s not and there never will be, and that’s just how life is.

Mrs. Sendler, code name “Jolanta,” smuggled 2,500 children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during the last three months before its liquidation. She found a home for each child. Each was given a new name and a new identity as a Christian. Others were saving Jewish children, too, but many of those children were saved only in body; tragically, they disappeared from the Jewish people. Irena did all she could to ensure that “her children” would have a future as part of their own people.

Incidentally, Mrs. Sendler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, but lost out to Al Gore. I would hate to be on the prize selection committee and have to make those tough choices, but it would probably make me feel a lot better about humanity to read all those outstanding CVs.

2 Thoughts on “Irena Sendler

  1. anthony on April 6, 2008 at 12:58 am said:

    hey…did you notice that in the vagina clown car link, of all those kids, one boy had his hair parted on the opposite side as all the others and one girl had her pony tail on the opposite side as all the others. Whattup widdat?

    hope your friday / weekend at Gram’s was wonderful!

  2. LOLs @ Clown Car and Irena Sendler in the same post… I feel bad for laughing at the poster 🙁

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