Alice Proujansky

In 2006 New York photographer Alice Proujansky went to the Dominican Republic to document the lives born and the lives lost in a dismally-funded maternity ward. Here are some of the affecting images she captured on film.

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  1. Thanks for blogging my pictures! I just spent a blogdamned depressing weekend at my parents house and am hoping Thanksgiving at your parents’ blogspot is much better and doesn’t blog me down. The highlight of the weekend was when a Bernese Mountain Blog puppy visited us and Nick spent literally an hour playing with her. She was so tired she took a nap and woke up looking bloggy, she would have rubbed her little eyes with her furry paws if she were a cartoon. I want a puppy blog but who wants to clean up after it when it blogs on the carpet?

  2. My little sister wants a Bernese Mountain Puppy because they are so righteously adorable. She’s been all over the internet looking for one, even though my mom tells her no. The internet is rife with puppies. Depressing weekend at my parents’ house too, with everybody ailing it seems these days. It’s a blog eat blog world. But Thanksgiving will be fun.

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