I am most brilliant when I’m sleepy

It was about 3 in the morning when I woke up with an exciting new perspective on human pollution. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be weird if people had special habitats for yawning and sneezing in the same way they have special habitats for peeing and defecating?” Like if someone was sitting at a dinner table and had to hiccup, she would have to excuse herself to the hiccup room and everyone would judge her if she didn’t wash her hands afterwards.

2 Thoughts on “I am most brilliant when I’m sleepy

  1. hee hee! or what if our social code demanded that you go into the bathroom every time you had to hiccup, burp, yawn, clear your throat, laugh, sneeze, or cry. there would be a special crying cup, where you’d let your tears fall. you’d collect them until it filled up then pour them over a child’s grave somewhere. now _I’m_ getting weird. thanks, lady. head on over to crazytown for a funny incident that happened this morning… xoxoxo

  2. Benjamin Franklin used to fall asleep with a small cannon ball in his hand, because he would often have his best ideas just as he was falling asleep. The cannon ball would fall, he’d wake up just as he was dozing, then write down whatever he was thinking. That’s why I never married the guy, ’cause I could never get no sleep for my next day at work.

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