Keyword-intensive dieting secret of the stars

Today I will divulge a big secret, possibly the biggest secret I have ever been privy to. And I promise I’m not revealing this secret just because I know the keywords “dieting secrets” are going to send a lot of internet traffic my way. This dieting tip is for real, Britney Spears skinny lose weight fast how to drop pounds without exercise Angelina Jolie easy weight loss low-carb diet.

I present to you a hot dieting secret that apocryphally stems from anorexic Gap salesgirls via a local, unnamed source:

Approach a soda fountain. Fill a cup 90% of the way full with Diet Coke. Then top off your beverage with regular, full-calorie root beer. Guess what? Your whole drink now tastes like root beer! Now you’re drinking root beer like there’s no tomorrow and you’re not getting fat! Now you’re dropping lbs like you’re not even trying!

So next time you want to drink a couple gallons of root beer, just remember that you really suck at this weight loss thing. You’re chugging the wrong kind of soft drink.

I know I sound facetious here, but this “Diet Coke + Root Beer = Root Beer” equation blew my mind yesterday. Thank you, The Gap, for making size zero jeans.

7 Thoughts on “Keyword-intensive dieting secret of the stars

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  3. One of the ‘dirty little secrets’ of hollywood dieting is that cocaine use for short amounts of time can stop people needing to eat.

  4. Little known fact – if you put diet root beer in cocaine, you get full-calorie cocaine.

  5. norrishall on February 8, 2008 at 7:29 pm said:

    The secret to losing weight is to exercise. The reason so many dieters never lose permanent weight is explained well in this video at

  6. Eating abs… is that pork belly?

  7. Christos on February 11, 2008 at 10:48 pm said:

    this is funny stuff

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