I’m a meth addict, and so can you!*

This morning I read about a father and a son who have both written memoirs about the son’s meth addiction. And they’re being published at the same time! How awkward is that? I can just see the two men sitting around the kitchen table a few months ago.

“Dad,” says the son, “I think I am ready to conquer my demons. I’m going to write about my meth addiction. Maybe my cautionary tale will connect with some young, would-be meth addicts. Maybe I can keep them off drugs, and in the process, make a name for myself.”

“Son,” says the father, “That is some major bullshit. I started writing about your meth addiction first.”

The New York Times article gives the father’s memoir top billing. I hope the son’s meth addiction wasn’t originally brought on by the pressure to prove himself to his competitive father, because if so, that kid will probably be smoking a whole lot of crystal come book tour time.

I wonder about these awkward moments whenever there are two writers in one family. Do Amy and David Sedaris have to check with each other before submitting a personal essay to the New Yorker? Did the Sedaris siblings wrestle for who would first chronicle their crazy childhoods? I would have fought to the death for the right to unveil The Rooster. Anyway, I want to get this stuff straight before my sister Margaret and I start shopping our competing memoirs:

How I Survived My Formative Years with a Self-Obsessed Older Sister Who Always Ate All the Ice Cream by Margaret Murray


I Love Ice Cream and You Can’t Have Any: A Childhood by Wistar Murray

*I am trying to drum up some good lawsuit publicity for my blog by rearranging other peoples’ headlines/book titles.

4 Thoughts on “I’m a meth addict, and so can you!*

  1. Christos on February 22, 2008 at 7:24 pm said:

    i love this blog!

  2. the sister on February 27, 2008 at 3:12 pm said:

    I’ll have my lawyer rough a contract for us. You can have the ice cream, but I call dibs on the subjects of a) dressing up like crazy people and playing psychiatrist in the attic, and b) ketchup packets and their effect on the tires of motorized vehicles when used by teenage girls.

  3. It’s a nice article which tells us the story of father and son who were addicted to meth.

    Crystal Meth Addiction

  4. Noelle on January 22, 2009 at 1:12 pm said:

    “Somehow the idea of being this drug-fueled, outsider artist has always been really appealing to me,” Nic writes in “Tweak”

    What a loser……..

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