I didn’t go ballistic at Ikea this time

Yesterday the bbf and I spent FIVE hours at Ikea shopping for a kitchen. Usually when I make the Ikea trip, it takes me exactly one hour to curl up on a floor model futon and cry, or drown my stress and misery with Swedish cinnabuns in the store’s food court. But this time I was patient, I didn’t get overwhelmed (couch! fake tv! huge shopping cart! screaming child! couch! loveseat! couch!), I treated everything like a big game of House Tetris, and I even treated myself to a Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla at Pizzeria Uno’s as a reward for good behavior. Still, I will not risk going back again for at least another week, when I have to return or exchange everything we bought.

2 Thoughts on “I didn’t go ballistic at Ikea this time

  1. Christos Vangelopoulos on February 24, 2008 at 4:21 pm said:

    i am one of the poor saps that loves ikea even though the stuff i buy from there always falls apart. i got a wooden table from there for xmas and it looks very nice but it’s a bit wobbly because like 3 of the screw heads came off. but i’m sure your kitchen will look fabulous. does your mom still have that little house… that red formika countertop was sweeeeeet!

  2. Hey, congratulations on getting better at shopping at Ikea. I guess. One time, I was there with a 3-month-old baby (mine, i think) and breastfeeding (mine, I think) and what with all the diaper-changing and shopping for confusing part/style combinations, I had to spend the night in one of the fake bedrooms. I’m pretty sure I was out of there in under 28 hours, though.

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