Giving birth in hot tubs (this post is for my lady readers)

Giving birth in hot tubs = not cool. I Stumbled upon a birthing stories website yesterday and was horrified to find pictures of a lady in a bathing suit delivering a child in her patio hot tub. Her husband and daughters looked on while she pulled her one-piece aside and pushed out a baby. Later she wrapped herself in a bathrobe and went to take a shower.

Hot tubs are for drinking beer out of cans and making out, NOT for soaking in afterbirth. I’d link you to the website but I don’t want to offend the mother. Plus she’d know immediately that I am less of a woman than she is. Babies are cute and they make me laugh and cause my uterus to flutter, but the second I start thinking about birthing one of them they all start looking like slippery little ogres.

I also saw a scary video yesterday of a puppy who thrashes to death metal music. That video and the hot tub birthing pictures combined to ruin my night. I was looking forward to relaxing under the spa jets with my puppy in one arm and my newborn baby in the other, and suddenly all I could see was blood and teeth.

7 Thoughts on “Giving birth in hot tubs (this post is for my lady readers)

  1. Christos on March 13, 2008 at 12:10 pm said:

    that puppy is scary… those teeth!

  2. I’ve heard that waterbirth is a pretty cool thing, but the usual way is to rent a special pool designed specifically for that purpose. (i.e. not filled with bacteria-laden, highly chlorinated nasty water.) The hot tub birth you described sounds pretty yucky.

  3. Christos, you are not a lady reader! You should never have seen that puppy!

    Patience, the hot tub birth looked yucky too. I bet they conceived that baby in the same water.

  4. Hi admin. Thank for the information and my back link. 🙂

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  6. Lorena on October 4, 2010 at 1:19 pm said:

    Not all hot tubs are created equally, some drain and refill w/ a thorough cleaning using natural methods for sterilizing the water. Dry birth is by far a more messy and painful affair. I just feel bad that some people are so ashamed of there bodies they birth with a bathing suit on in their own hot tub. This is a sacred rite as women we get to experience. I hope that when you birth your ogre you are blessed a birth so easy as this.

  7. Hot tubs are exactly what is in a BIRTHING CENTER as well as hospitals for birthing. They can be cleaned out and there’s no way from looking at a picture that you can tell if it was cleaned properly or not. More than likely she properly cleaned it and didn’t fill it with the usual chemical soup that most hot tubs are full of, fully planning to labor and birth in her hot tub at home.

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