I cannot believe nobody told me this stuff until today!

Bats are dying off?! Since when? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! This is unbelievable. I love bats! I could’ve been doing something to save them this whole time!

An early species of hominid had giant brains?! And they were smarter than us and better looking than us and even their babies could probably remember the Pi mathematical constant to the thousandth digit?! And it didn’t occur to ANYONE to tell me this until TODAY?! WTF!

There are ignorant conservative assholes out there hating on Obama and they’re being PUBLISHED?! On the internet?! And I’m only finding out NOW when I could have been making futile online comments this whole time?! FUCK!

This flu lasts over a week?! And no one thought to tell me before I went and got sick?! Screw you guys. Thanks a bunch for keeping me in the dark. Here are some dead bats to represent my indignation:

Bat die-off

3 Thoughts on “I cannot believe nobody told me this stuff until today!

  1. Alice on March 25, 2008 at 5:04 pm said:

    That is so sad! I love bats: they are adorable and they have thumbs, like I do. Hold onto that brown fat, little ones. “Hang” in there.

  2. Oh Alice, you’re so batty. You don’t have thumbs. Those are just hand bunions.

  3. Alice on March 26, 2008 at 9:17 am said:

    True, but you know what I’ve always said: “If they’re prehensile, I’ll take ’em!”
    It’s applicable to so many situations!

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