Coffee – have you guys heard of this stuff?

I guess it’s a testament to my recent clean-livin’ lifestyle that I’ve been tripping for 12 hours from a single cup of Starbucks coffee. Coffee – this stuff makes you want to stay up all night and blog about your grandmother. Coffee – why didn’t I think of joining the NBA before? Coffee – is that a neighbor’s pet barking at 5 in the morning or is an angry dog waking up in my head? Coffee – is that a bird hurling itself into my window pane at 7 in the morning or is a flock of seagulls colliding with my skull? Also, I should install a pull-up bar in my office doorway and do somersaults around it forever.

2 Thoughts on “Coffee – have you guys heard of this stuff?

  1. Christos on March 29, 2008 at 8:05 am said:

    shit… i’ve been drinking coffee since 3:30 this morning… haha! it is totally a hardcore drug. when i drink a lot of it, my brain starts running on loop… i seriously need to quit it though, i know that’s what is causing all my anxiety/panic attacks.

  2. i love you

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