The queen of all things shiny and expensive

As of yesterday I own an expensive piece of jewelry, and now I feel like the Queen of Sheba. You shouldn’t try to mug me or anything – the bracelet isn’t that expensive – but it cost more than my Claire’s Boutique accoutrements. It cost at least as much as a cell phone bill, and you can really tell in the way it catches the light. I feel so freaking pretty when I wear it. It drapes beautifully over my athlete’s foot of the wrist (a little gift from my wet watchband). I am going to wear the bracelet so often this summer that I will have a gold bracelet tan to counteract my t-shirt tan. I am going to wear the shit out of this thing. No longer will I be mistaken for a goofy young woman; as of yesterday’s epic trip to the jewelry store, I am a lady. So Beyonce can just retire now. She can put her bling away. There’s more than one lady in town who jingles when she walks.

Thank you, Bunny, for my late graduation present.

One Thought on “The queen of all things shiny and expensive

  1. Ha – I just realized that another probably reason I have athlete’s foot of the wrist is because I arm wrestle competitively. I really do have an athlete’s wrist. Are any of you other arm wrestlers suffering from the same problem?

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