Being behind on the internet but on top of my personal life

The worst thing about being a blogger is that the internet keeps going even when you’re too lazy or busy to check on it. At any given moment bloggers feel pressured to know exactly what the internet is doing, who the internet hooked up with the night before, what the internet ate for breakfast, etc. It’s exhausting. And if days go by without tracking every internet hiccup or virtual bowel movement, you feel like you’re a bad blogger. You’ll never catch up with all the action. There are too many missing links.

That’s why I’m going to take one more day to focus purely on me, myself, and my personal life – subjects that will always be fresh and exciting to us all. Namely, I’m recently engaged to be married to the bbf (blogging boyfriend). Or is he now the bfh (blogging future husband)? Or perhaps the bbr (blogger with buyer’s remorse)?

But hold your gift baskets! Recork the Cristal! Cancel your order for the matching china set from the Pottery Barn! We are determined to do this as minimally as possible. You can just send cash or check to my PO box.

In the coming months I will discover what engagements and weddings are all about. I will finish reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I will send all my two dozen bridesmaids to the spa to get Botoxed at their own expense. I will coach my uppity flower girl to act less adorable so she won’t eclipse me on my special day. I will sample frosted layer cakes and brag to you about how delicious they are. Finally, I will admit to the bbf that I’m not actually pregnant with triplets or going to war but unfortunately he can’t revoke the proposal because the wheels are already in motion.

I am the prettiest princess! It’s me! In your FACE, less pretty princesses!

9 Thoughts on “Being behind on the internet but on top of my personal life

  1. FABULOUSO! Welcome back and happy happy engagement.

    I wondered what the cat might be – and thought this might be it. ?
    How could you not get engaged in a place like Portugal?

    Best wishes to you both!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! That post was a test to see how thoroughly anyone read my blog, and you passed with flying colors! The engagement was indeed the cat. The cat is now busy sleeping off all the excitement of the past 48 hours.

  3. Tell Darren that I always knew he was smart, but now I know he is a genius.

    You two have already set a great pattern and have years of fun ahead. Not that there aren’t a few bumps on this marriage path/ride/thing – but I am sure you are aware of that. 🙂

    Meow Meow!

  4. baconfat on August 15, 2008 at 6:46 pm said:

    you know, i always thought bbf stood for ‘best boyfriend forever” and had nothing to do with blogging. he could be “bhf” (best husband forever) now (once he gets past best fiance forever, which could get confused for best friend forever), but it’s not really my call.

    also: remember that competition we talked about when noelle was here? i guess this kind of kills her chances of pulling off the upset, eh?

    pbr (the beer) > bbr

  5. Um, I thought we covered the flower girl thing. The kid is out and I am in. As a bonus I am solidly older than you by a few years and will easily allow you to shine on your special day. I come complete with a streak of grey hair and just starting to sag facial skin. The last being the best, most subtle touch of “look who looks worse than me”. It is important to avoid overkill.
    I’ll pick out my shiny patent leather shoes and see you at the ceremony!

  6. Dang! Congratulations girl. Being married rocks.

  7. Willis on August 18, 2008 at 7:18 pm said:

    Holy Smokes!!! Wistar!

    I’m at a loss. Congratulations! I wish you and Darren nothing but the best. He found himself an amazing woman. xo.

  8. YES! That IS what Europe is for, after all.

    (we tried to get them to marry us but the judge was on vacation)

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