Review of “Doubt: A Parable” from One Star Watt’s resident theater expert

This week’s C-Ville features my review of Doubt: A Parable, a play by John Patrick Shanley showing at Live Arts through October 11. The editors had difficulty reining me in so I did not focus my review on either the guava/vodka cocktails being served at the Live Arts concession stand or on the historical fact that Shanley also wrote the screenplay to Joe Versus the Volcano. If I had my way, the review would have been 20% Joe Versus the Volcano, 30% guava/vodka cocktails, 10% how good the play was, and 40% my byline. So way to go, editors.

From an earlier draft, my ode to opening night at Live Arts:

“What does it mean that Live Arts “forges community and theater”? For this reviewer attending the opening night of Doubt: A Parable by playwright John Patrick Shanley, it means that Live Arts’ artistic director [the dashing John Gibson!] personally reminds the audience to turn off its cell phones before curtain. It means that as the lights dim, people in the front row whisper about who they know in the production. It means that members of the lead actor’s Crozet Presbyterian congregation bought their tickets in order to get a better sense of their pastor’s extracurricular activities. And it means that after the play the whole crowd stays on to enjoy champagne [a nice complement to the guava/vodka cocktails] and pastries [yes, okay, yes] courtesy of Albemarle Baking Company and a couple local arts patrons. So that’s the community part of the forging. The theater part is first-class entertainment.”

3 Thoughts on “Review of “Doubt: A Parable” from One Star Watt’s resident theater expert

  1. First-class indeed. Haven’t been to Live Arts since their production of Amadeus, which I had to see twice in the same week I loved it so much. : )

  2. I saw your review! Good job! And the editors at C-Ville are BRUTAL! (Hope Brendan isn’t reading this…I don’t mean you, Brendan!…shoot.)

  3. good old jg on October 10, 2008 at 5:17 pm said:

    imagine my delight–crushing, winsome, cranky, devastating, sparkling smarty-pants wistar thinks i’m dashing. not now. blushing. thanks for the love; right back at you… (but don’t think i missed the chance to grouse at the editrix about cutting dashing-ness in print. yes, she did get an earful; yes, she dishes it out just as well as she takes it. and, yes, she was in the middle of buying me lunch, so i was restrained.) wwm-a welcome and honored guest at the house o’ arts anytime.

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