Boulevard Symposium: Writers in Academia

The current issue of Boulevard (Vol. 24, No. 70) includes an interesting symposium on the pros and cons of Writers teaching Writing to Writers in colleges and universities. A similar dilemma is posed by the question “to MFA or not to MFA?” Are creative writing courses in higher education just molding pretentious, homogeneous, academic assholes while depriving Europe of its American lifeblood: 20-something-poet-backpackers-gathering-Life-Experience?

Or do these courses provide the invaluable service of endowing great writers with teaching incomes that allow them to craft and publish their whatchamacallits while simultaneously showing kids how to groom their nascent literary potential? Or perhaps these writing courses just serve as a necessary academic counterpart to the Graduate Statistics and Operations Management in Lobbyist Research MBA Program killing young hearts and minds across campus. I will give you two guesses which graduate student’s textbook has more sex scenes. Then I will start filling out school applications.

Get a job, Wistar. Please. It’s time.

One Thought on “Boulevard Symposium: Writers in Academia

  1. Hahaha. You’re a card, girl. : )

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