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Let me tell you what’s going on in the world

People are reacting to Obama’s victory.

People are making MFA Fiction programs the new International Affairs programs.

People are giving up their personal email accounts.

People are divorcing because of cyber affairs in Second Life.

People are interviewing ingenious 10-year-old girls who write books and ride scooters at Smart Girls Have More Fun.

People are feeding designer Kool-Aid to design junkies.

People are talking about how f’ing cute this French girl is.

People are hungry for weiner dogs.

People are excited to see the Twilight movie because Bella Swan is apparently the new Jane Eyre.

People are making refrigerators without electricity.

People are microwaving things they shouldn’t be microwaving.

People are still amazed.

Face calling

Now that I have a new computer and Gmail offers free video chat, my face can call your face. Our faces can literally communicate back and forth through cyberspace. I’m talking about Cyber Space Face. I’m talking about Future Stuff. Who invented this Cyber Space Face Future Stuff? And what was I doing while they invented it? Changing light bulbs? Handwashing hosiery? Writing “2007” on checks?

I’m so amazed by this new technology that I won’t even complain about the obvious disadvantages: 1) being caught in my loungewear; 2) discovering what my face looks like when it’s talking; 3) taking ten giant steps backwards in document-sharing technology (now I just hold papers up to the webcam).

Whoever revolutionized (and sort of invaded) my life with thrilling Robot Face Science, thank you. You are light years ahead of my couch car fueled by white wine and pajama bottoms.