Let’s streak the Downtown Mall

Who’s with me?

5 Thoughts on “Let’s streak the Downtown Mall

  1. I am – in spirit

  2. Willis on December 3, 2008 at 2:29 pm said:

    “Snoop-a-loop! Bring your green hat! We’re going streaking!”

  3. I might do it – when and how many people. 🙂
    Can we wear cute boots?

  4. I’m having second thoughts about my historic proclamation. What if we changed “Let’s streak the Downtown Mall” to “Let’s walk the Downtown Mall in big sweaters and comfortable jeans admiring the holiday lights while drinking hot chocolate”? WEARING NO UNDERPANTS?!

  5. The Charlottesville Commando Squad!
    Sounds a little normal to me. 🙂

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