We had a wedding and what a wedding it was

The wedding can best be summarized by our guests who filled out mad libs throughout the evening. In lieu of a live blog, I believe their combined words tell the tale:

After four years of dating, Darren finally skunked Wistar in Portugal. With the help of their ugly monkeys, Darren and Wistar finally married on December 27th in the Live Arts Church of Bunion Pad. The couple’s families were mushroomy to see the scrofulous sight. Even their dearest friends felt moist when Darren and Wistar were pronounced man and wife at last. The bride looked winterizing in a lukewarm dress, but the guests didn’t know she wore badger underneath. Darren hired a professional wedding consultant to help him with his wagon wheel, but Wistar handled his hard hat herself. When they danced to Big Dumb Sex by Unprovoked Moose Attack and Beer for My Horses by Mr. Kayak, any Little League chest protector could feel the magic in the air. In the forbidden city of Charlottesville that night, all their wedding guests knew that Darren and Wistar would joust together forever.

My sister and her boyfriend also spoke eloquently when they said, “The wedding was foggy and we were confused to be invited! May you share many eyeballs together!” I would fill out my own mad lib, but the only words I can come up with post-night-of-my-life are “exhausted,” “elastic-waist pajama bottoms,” and “the prospect of starring in another wedding is reason enough to stay married to Darren until I die.” Thank you to all the beloved silver spraypaint huffers and card-carrying cupcakoholics who made the event so fridge magnetic.

Marquee over Live Arts - Photo by Billy Hunt

4 Thoughts on “We had a wedding and what a wedding it was

  1. There will be fridge magnets?!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a great place to marry. I wish you both the best…although from watching you together, I think you’ve already got it. Enoy, live well and prosper. C’ville is a better place for your union 🙂

  3. your entry and starhillgirl’s entry make me so sad to have missed such a special and amazing event. when you’ve recovered, you must give me a play by play… and photos please photos!

  4. My mad lib was in my email to you today. Did you catch it? It referred to a nobleman that ranks ABOVE an earl AND a count, but BELOW a duke, that sat atop the Live Arts building bellowing, “hear ye! hear ye! Darren and Wistar are married this day!”

    Hey, I can be eloquent too. Not smart, but eloquent.

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