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Two Thousand Mine

Last year I had to share the spotlight with the following:

1) a heroic turtle

2) a rapper and his meme

3) some buzzwords

4) a hard rock fighter pilot

5) Chicken Cheeks

6) car accidents

7) sadistic devices

8 ) my husband’s genius

9) Asses of the World

10) conflicting advice about my blog

11) Between Two Ferns

12) a 12-year-old food critic and his movie deal

13) Chinese Democracy

14) R&B animatronics

15) a heroic dog

This year I suggest that we get over the above items and focus solely on me and my business. If last year’s theme was animal heroism, this year’s theme will be how much more prolific and enduring I am than heroic animals. Happy New Year, my people! I’ll see you in the figurative pool filter of 2009. I’ll either be the one holding you up or keeping you down.