Link corral (bookmark spring-cleaning)

The New York Times shows us 25 ways to impress others on Facebook.

How to exalt your achievements while appearing humble? How to convey your essential originality while coming off as reassuringly familiar? How to illuminate without oversharing?

Stop apologizing for your perfect breasts. Nobody’s listening because they’re too focused on your perfect breasts.

For the Charlottesville people: The Parking Lot Movie is finally here.

I Bang the Worst Dudes recently changed its URL to I must have accidentally let the domain expire after high school.

The author of this article about male lesbian sexual fantasies has obviously never attended a slasher convention.

I like this lady even though she writes for USA Today: 25 Great High-School Books.

I now feel the need to support other peoples’ weird animal photos.

Before the octuplet mom, there was Josef Mengele’s “twin town” in Brazil. If you’re wondering what these stories have in common, the answer is tainted babies.

Surprisingly endearing interview with the author of Stuff White People Like:

CNN: Where do you get your ideas?

Christian Lander: Farmers’ markets.

. . .

CNN: What are some of the things that have been rejected from the list?

Lander: The one I reject a lot is people say, “Well, you know what, ‘Stuff White People Like’ should be on the list of ‘Stuff White People Like.’ ” I’m just like, “All right, postmodern hero, you’re not the first person to send this in. I’m not putting it on the list.”

Bhutan banned smoking. But the country still lights up after a rice wine bender with Tibet. Whaa? I just turned into Jay Leno all of a sudden.

This page is the Las Vegas slot machine version of the internet.

I know the whole hipster debate is over, but let this list be its swan song.

All Top online newspaper only compiles feel-good news from around the world.

Carolyn Hax just schooled somebody.

Abusing spoiled rich people is the easy thing to do, so I’ll take the sympathy route.

Now your kidney has chlamydia.

Full online documentary about Second Life love affairs.

Weekend newsprint warriors:

More people need to review cold novelty beverages for a living.

He is why my single girlfriends (and my mother) want me to attend grad school in New York City.

7 Thoughts on “Link corral (bookmark spring-cleaning)

  1. James Franco!!

  2. Cat Woman on February 8, 2009 at 9:19 pm said:

    Exactly! James Franco. He “had no problem kissing, Sean Penn.” Uh, yeah!

  3. See, this is why it’s good to know cool people. Otherwise, uncool people would never know about cool stuff.

  4. Hi, John sent me!
    I bang the worst dudes(sorry mom)….you are my new hero.

  5. Came from John’s blog. Happy I did indeed!
    Wonderful stuff, and will spend much time here.

  6. I am giggling over the “I bang the worst dudes. (Sorry mom.)”

    How hysterical! Even the title brought a laugh. 🙂


    btw – found you through John. 🙂

  7. Thanks to Buddha on the Road for sending all these fine people my way.

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