Destined for greater things: a listicle

1. The apple that rolled off the passenger seat of my car and disappeared forever into theĀ  interior.

2. The novels in my head, the whale in my dream, the dreams in my heart. The throw-up in my mouth.

3. The bottle of vodka, the carton of eggs, the ovaries of eggs, the pocket of money.

4. The gas underground, the diamonds underground, the music underground, these dance moves.

3 Thoughts on “Destined for greater things: a listicle

  1. There is an Urban Dictionary listing for “listicle” but the listing has no definition. Please go there and define it so that I will be able to discuss listicles intelligently. If it’s anything like a fudgesicle, I will totally dig it. : )

  2. I just had a fudgesicle and it was good. I’m not sure of any relation to the listicle…

  3. I finally have a good excuse to write the word “testicle” on my blog. TESTICLE. “Destined for greater things: a testicle” would’ve been so much better.

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