Charlottesville blind items

1) Baby rabbits

2) Dates set up by mutual friends

3) Rear view mirrors

4) Bats

I was going to write a list of local blind items in the manner of Gatecrasher/Page Six, but everything I came up with just seemed too mean-spirited. How am I going to make it as a writer in New York City if I can’t stand to hurt anybody’s feelings? Gawker is going to laugh at me.

Not-so-blind-item: Which milquetoast local blogger took a secret nap this afternoon and dreamed that a Mexican racehorse almost stepped on her face and also that she crashed her car into a snowdrift after drinking too much wine on the road, but was grateful that no one was hurt in the accident, even though she was upside down? She/he also enjoys eating chocolate cake frosting out of the jar on Wednesday nights. Your guesses after the jump!

2 Thoughts on “Charlottesville blind items

  1. This is so obviously Darren Hoyt.

  2. I read somewhere that Darren washes his unmentionables in the sink too.

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