Life from inside the box

I am officially a square. The evidence:

1. I was hit with an egg at a street carnival.

2. I intern in an office where water cooler gossip revolves around who is going to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, Joyce or Cormac.

3. I notify teachers of typos in the books they assign.

4. I was relieved to get the flu over the weekend so I wouldn’t have to miss work or class.

5. Come lunchtime, I often find myself thinking, “How can I get the most avocado for my dollar?”

5 Thoughts on “Life from inside the box

  1. You are the coolest square I know.

  2. cat woman on October 25, 2009 at 7:54 pm said:

    Well, how *can* you get the most avocado for your dollar?

  3. The secret to getting the most avocado for your dollar is to find people in the food industry who don’t seem to know or care about the value of an avocado. For instance I buy a salad around the corner that is loaded with avocado and it doesn’t affect the price of the salad. I’m not sure what the Charlottesville equivalent would be — maybe the avocado pizza at Christian’s? Is this comment helpful, or should I expand my theory into a longer essay, or perhaps a book?

  4. You could make a lot of money mapping these establishments and selling the results as an iPhone app.

  5. you, dear, are my kind of square.

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