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Playing the grief card

Acceptable ways to play the grief card: 1) Getting an extension on a due date at school. 2) Taking some time off work. 3) Cursing at the bank rep who keeps calling to harass you about a $5 fee the day after the service. 4) Eating apple pie for breakfast with impunity. 5) Refusing to [...]

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Eff you, grief handbooks

It seems that I am directing my normal, healthy anger toward the grief handbooks which are trying to teach me that my anger is normal and healthy.

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On the death of my father

My dad liked to read my blog. In fact, the last time I saw him he bragged to my mom that he had “made it onto Wistar’s blog!” (I’d recently written a post about our mutual glee regarding the snafu.) Dad also played a crucial role in the One Star Watt Turtle/Frog/Spider Saga of [...]

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