Oh no my worst enemy has hijacked my blog

Hi I’m Wistar. I am a stupid asshole. I write mean-spirited things. My inner life is impoverished. I sweat profusely. I am late to doctors’ appointments. I am not the kind of person that anyone likes to read. I have bad dreams. It takes everything I have not to broadcast them to the world. My body has stopped absorbing nutrients. I keep an envelope full of coupons in my purse. Last week a friend’s dog went sniffing around my purse at a party and suddenly the floor was covered in my coupons. I felt as if the dog had dug my maxi-pads out of the trash can and dragged them across the living room for all to see. I collected the coupon scraps and returned them to my purse, but due to the bite marks at the corners, I could no longer tell if the coupons were for 5-, 10-, or 20-percent off my next purchase. They are probably expired now. I don’t even like to shop.

2 Thoughts on “Oh no my worst enemy has hijacked my blog

  1. I am currently using Val Pak coupons from an Indian restaurant and two pizza places (one of them being Papa John’s) as the bookmark to my Get A New Job Get A New Life! book. I don’t order pizza and I rarely go out to Indian but I might need these one day.

  2. Yes, there are such things as comfort coupons.

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