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Retirement of “the mailbox”

I’m thinking about retiring the mailbox feature of my blog. It’s just not as compelling as I thought it would be. I haven’t gotten anything good in the mail since Katie sent me her panties, and they weren’t even used.

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More mailbox

What is the point of having dental insurance if it doesn’t even cover having your teeth cleaned? I showed up early for my appointment, I was perfectly friendly to the hygienist, I didn’t steal anything, I provided an insurance card, and I still got a bill in the mail for a billion dollars. I probably [...]

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Inauguration of “the mailbox”

Because I don’t get out of the house much, the most exciting part of my afternoon is often the arrival of Scott the Handsome and Friendly Mailman with my daily supply of bills and coupons. Last week I received a mailing from Giant that I am particularly fired up about. It’s a letter from Victor [...]

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