Wistar Murray

Charlottesville, VA  • (434) 409-2504 • 


The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA • 2002 BA, Interdisciplinary & French

Columbia University School of the Arts, New York, NY • 2011 MFA in Fiction Writing


Pandemic Parent, Home, Charlottesville, VA • March 16, 2020-March 7, 2021, 11:30am*

Oversee all dimensions of care for an outgoing, energetic 4-year-old while keeping house, monitoring our family’s every activity so we don’t contract Covid-19, mourning my departure from the professional world, and staving off a near-constant, apocalyptic feeling of imminent doom.

Linus Group, Emeryville, CA • September 2016-February 2020

Freelance Medical Copywriter

Researched and wrote B2B marketing content for thought leadership campaigns aimed at hospital administrators. Developed marketing scripts for pharmaceutical sales teams. Collaborated with other stakeholders on communication strategy for MedTech companies. Wrote extensively on machine learning/big data in healthcare with a focus on improving patient outcomes. Created infographics, blogs, CTAs, and VR scripts based on complex medical literature. Learned to write compelling, yet scientifically irreproachable, non-“salesy” copy that would appeal to skeptical HCPs and other target personas. Clients included Medtronic, MilliporeSigma, Bio-Rad, and Mettler-Toledo.

Self, New York, NY, and Charlottesville, VA • January 2014-February 2017

Manuscript Wrangler and Consultant

Worked as an editor and research assistant for academic authors still publishing in their emeritus phases. In tandem with the intellectual work, became an expert on my employers’ chronic health conditions (e.g., diabetes, lupus, anxiety, depression, obesity) and served as a daily lifeline for their holistic needs.

Audible, Newark, NJ • September 2013-January 2014

Copywriter (Contract)

Wrote descriptive, engaging digital copy for a wide range of audiobook titles. Listened most avidly to health and science publications.

Razorbill, New York, NY • 2013

YA Author

Published a pseudonymed novel in 2015 for the young readers imprint of Penguin/Random House. Teenage characters in the book suffered from chronic disease, PTSD, and historical trauma, but the manuscript also had some funny parts?

University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA • February 2012

Adjunct Instructor

Co-taught a writing workshop entitled “Creative and Reflective Writing” to faculty doctors at UVA Medical Center. The course was modeled around the core proposition of narrative medicine, i.e., the idea that becoming a more attentive writer and reader can help improve patient care by honing a clinician’s listening and empathy capabilities.

The Program in Narrative Medicine, Columbia University, New York, NY • Spring, Fall 2011

Fiction Workshop Instructor

Developed a curriculum and taught (with author Lauren Wilkinson) two intensive fiction workshops to medical students at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, under the tutelage of Dr. Rita Charon, founder of the program. Also shadowed Dr. Charon during clinical visits with her patients.

The New Yorker, New York, NY  •  September 2009-January 2010

New Yorker Library/Archives Intern

Compiled and managed contributor scrapbooks. Maintained the magazine archives. Wrote abstracts of feature articles for online use.

 C-Ville Weekly Newspaper, Charlottesville, VA • September 2008-July 2009

Freelance Contributor and Copy Editor

Wrote feature articles and two weekly columns for local alt-weekly with circulation of 60,000. Functioned as chief copy editor for all weekly newspaper content.

Literary Distinctions

Winner of a 2010 Henfield Prize for fiction writing from the Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation. Honorable Mention in Zoetrope: All-Story Short Fiction Contest 2013.

*Exactly two weeks after my husband’s second vaccine dose, when our daughter can return to school.