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Fuck you cuteoverload.com!

I just found this website tonight. All the About page says is “Catsandbeer.com began as a pet project of Superbad co-creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and evolved into a humor website that has nothing to do with either of them.” Does anyone know what this is about? The website is especially funny because judging from the comments, very few of the site’s readers get the humor. Or maybe I don’t not get it. In any case it’s 10 pm on a Saturday night and I’m now going to bed.

New schedule/rabies

This morning Selvi and I had a date to spend some quality time together at 7 AM. The quality time included 1-pound weights, a floor mat, and an elderly man walking on a treadmill with a cane. While we worked out, a segment on the Today Show grabbed our attention. A teenage girl was described as a “medical marvel” for surviving rabies without getting the vaccine. Rabies is supposed to be fatal in humans if you don’t get a shot within a few weeks of contracting the disease. However instead of being amazed by this girl’s genetic superiority, Selvi and I started shouting at the TV. What kind of person gets bitten by a BAT, does not seek medical attention for a MONTH, and then milks the publicity of emerging from a rabies-induced coma? Does her medical insurance cover something like that? And her case is written up in The New England Journal of Medicine! And she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up! What if she has children someday? “It’s probably fine that you just swallowed a gallon of paint thinner, Jimmy Junior. Let’s just wait this one out and observe if there are any side effects in a month. Better safe than sorry.”