Cracking nuts

I’ve decided to take the GRE, so there. What are you doing with your life that’s so great? I’m studying basic algebra.

Originally this post was going to be about ballet. This afternoon I introduced a three-year-old girl to The Nutcracker with 1977 vintage Mikhail Baryshnikov (swoon!). Everything was going awesome until she asked me about the bump in the crotch region of his tights. I was honest with her, and she quickly moved on with her life, but for the rest of the ballet I watched Mikhail exclusively from the waist down and worried that I was actually showing her pornography instead of a nostalgic piece of my childhood.

5 Thoughts on “Cracking nuts

  1. Funny you mention taking the GRE. I just got back from another argument with my mother regarding that very subject. Can she adopt you?

  2. did you talk to the 3-year-old just about MB’s penis or did you cover dance belts too?

  3. I may have mentioned the word “codpiece.” Is that cool?

  4. Codpiece is probably more accurate than penis. Though MB may be a well endowed fella, what do I know? I have been taking a poll and there are a lot of people who think having a giant package is just a “must have” for male ballet dancers. Nope just a giant dance belt!

  5. You are getting quite a little following on this blog of yours. I will have to keep up. I’m off to Africa tommorow for 2.5 weeks with the entire family for a Safari! I should have stories oh I should have stories. Please miss my e-contact sufficiently enough. Love, Noelle

    PS. Stop studying for the GRE and go write a story.

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