I’m watching you through the window

I see you out there talking on your cell phone. You’re supposed to be inside the coffee shop with me but instead you’re sitting in your car talking to god-knows-who. I brought your DVDs back. I hope you remembered to bring me the second season of Veronica Mars because I was planning on watching it tonight. But I guess I’ll just sit here with some episodes I’ve already watched, waiting for you.

Why are you still out there? That must be a really important phone conversation. We said 6 o’clock. You’re now 45 minutes late, and I was only 20 minutes late. I don’t even like coffee. I’d knock on the coffee shop window, but you’re probably blasting the heat and the radio in your car. I’d call you, but you’re already on the phone. So I’m just going to sit here watching you until you do what I want.

2 Thoughts on “I’m watching you through the window

  1. I thought that was you! Tried to catch your eye but you thought I was a weird stalker, I expect.

  2. I didn’t see you! Stalkers are the kind of thing I like, believe me. But I guess I was too busy spying on my friend through the window to notice anything else. Next time throw something at me. I would love to hang out with you again.

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