The CLAW book is here!

The CLAW book is finally here! Not yet in person, but online, which in my view is better than any medium that passes bacteria from one hand to another.

Congratulations to the extraordinary wedding photographer, Straight Punch to the Crotcher, and man-about-town Billy Hunt for making it all happen! On November 7, Billy and CLAW will host a book signing and trading card release party at The Bridge in Charlottesville.

Rosie the Wrist-Twister preparing to twist some wrists (and some tongues if you’re lucky):

Rosie the Wrist-Twister prepares to twist some wrists (and some tongues)

Debbie “The Debutante” Danger pausing mid-match to write The Ref a thank-you note:

 Debbie “The Debutante” Danger pauses mid-match to write The Ref a thank-you note

4 Thoughts on “The CLAW book is here!

  1. good gawd, woman. someone hit the blog sauce again! good to see you fell off the wagon! xoxox

  2. The CLAW book ROCKS. Debbie Danger ROCKS too. : )

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  4. That is the most fabulous photo of Rosie!!! If I was Rosie, I would blow it up and put in on every wall in my house.
    Book looks great!!!!!!!!

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