Hipster doctors feel your pain

Two medical posts today.

1. Young Brooklyn doctor opens medical practice for uninsured artists. Makes housecalls on motor scooter and answers questions about your rashes on the instant messenger. I wonder how many of these conversations turn into cyber sex. “Now tell me where it’s swollen. Tell me what it feels like.” You know all those artsy types are going to be video chatting with the good doctor, showing him their engorged nipples.

PS Is the above post too graphic? I don’t even know anymore.

2. Doctors aren’t trying to torture you (or my grandmother); they actually do not perceive your pain. To save them from daily trauma brought on by over-empathizing with their patients, doctors’ brains experience detachment from their pain receptors when someone is suffering. I wonder if this works for parents who are doctors, and if this explains why my dad was always trying to staple our leg wounds together in the backyard.

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