I love you Stacey Richter

I only have one story left to read in Twin Study, and I don’t want to read it because then your book will be over and I don’t know when you will write another one. However in the course of writing this blog entry I discovered all your interviews and Q&As on the Stacey Richter website. I will try not to be entertained to death tonight. You are so special to me. I don’t want to die before you publish a novel.

2 Thoughts on “I love you Stacey Richter

  1. I love you too, Wistar Watts Murray.


  2. Stacey,

    I’m not sure you understand. I LOVE love you. This is my heart we’re talking about. Don’t toy with me. Don’t toy with me like the meth addicts toyed with the Barbie doll.


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