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The Top Ten Rap Songs White People Love:

On House of Pain’s “Jump Around” –

If you’ve ever seen Black People comedy, you’ll be familiar with the notion that White People have no rhythm and can’t dance. This is true. That’s why they will embrace with both honky arms any song that makes it OK for them to not actually dance during it or that tells them exactly what to do and when to do it.

If you go to a club and this fucking song comes on all the White People will literally jump around. I fucking promise you.

I love the 100+ comments after this piece. One guy writes “How lame am I? I have most of these tracks in a playlist I call ‘Novelty Hip Hop.’ ”

Brian also interviews Beyonce, who says “I is cute, floofy, and wearin’ a blue sweater.”

Then Brian tells an illustrated story of his ethnic heritage.  “People are always telling me to tone it down, saying that I shouldn’t be so edgy and outrageous. Well I say fuck that!”

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