Gay superheroes

This is what happens when you dare to be gay in comic books.

PS I didn’t know Batwoman was a lesbian. Corey – want to weigh in on this?

3 Thoughts on “Gay superheroes

  1. Ahhh….helloooo?! Of course Batwoman is gay.
    Hot Lesbian Superheros (HLS) is the whole reason to red comics. Don’t you agree?
    Since I am not a long-time reader of comics (it’s a New Love), I can’t speak to all the horror that Harper’s has listed there (except to say I’m not surprised), but the relatively new series from DC, 52, has gay sub-plots aplenty (ok, 1).

  2. But! Apollo and Midnighter were married and adopted a daughter! And Midnighter had two hearts, so getting one of them ripped out (and, incidentally, replaced with a bomb) was no big deal. So it’s not all gore and gang-rapes for homosexual heroes. Though turning the Green Latern straight was pretty evil.

    In related gay comic news, check out Queen of Diamonds.

  3. Wow you two are really gay for comic books.

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