I cannot wait for the NPR Fresh Air website to be updated!

They won’t post today’s program until 6 p.m.! It’s so near and yet so far! I feel like I’m waiting to take Terry Gross’s virginity!

I am anxiously awaiting the online broadcast of Terry’s interview with Mark Shapiro, a reporter who has written a book called Exposed that investigates the prevalence of toxic chemicals in America. I only heard about ten minutes of the show when it was on this afternoon, when he very sheepishly admitted to being a smoker. He gave Terry a great interview though. He spent a lot of time comparing the American government’s regulation of toxic chemicals (whenever I say “toxic chemicals” I think of the Joker in Batman) to the European Union’s. Europe is so progressive on this issue, and the rest of the world is taking note. In a few years foreign countries will be exporting all their mercury, lead, flame retardant, and phthalate-laden electronics and toys to Americans, while they are sitting pretty on their organic sofas watching televisions made out of unbleached yarn.

Shapiro said there were two main reasons why the industrial lobby in the European Union has been so weak compared to the cosmetics/chemical manufacturer lobby in the US, which has effectively prevented the public from knowing what toxins they’re exposed to everyday. Shapiro said that:

a) In Europe, corporations aren’t allowed to give campaign contributions, and;

b) In Europe, the government pays for health care. How interesting! The European Union actually has an investment in keeping its people healthy, whereas in America we pay privately for health care. Who gives two shits if we all get sick in ten years from toxic chemicals (Batman?)? We’ll pay out of our own pocket for the medical nightmare and the cosmetic companies will still be rich and stuck in their benighted ways.

Whoa…this Diet Doctor Pepper is making me wild. It’s probably full of cancer! Somebody help me get off my soapbox and stop using exclamation points!
My show’s almost on!

6 Thoughts on “I cannot wait for the NPR Fresh Air website to be updated!

  1. It’s now 6:07 and the show still isn’t available online.

  2. Hey, Wistar, I wrote about this on my blog, too: http://cvilleworkingmoms.wordpress.com/2007/11/27/listen-to-this-everyday-toxins-on-fresh-air/

    You were impressed by the same thing I was – the EU healthcare thing – and I’d forgotten about the campaign thing – though I think my favorite part was at the end when the dude said he loves to smoke cigarettes, even though he knows they are unhealthy. THAT made all the difference to me! (ie, he’s human)

    I hate that everything seems so friggin toxic…

    Love your blog, by the way.

  3. Thanks Maiaoming. I love your blog too! I’ve been reading it since I woke up (excuse-I’m sick). Do you want to come to my Christmas party? Kids and unborn babies are welcome. I have a great bed for them to jump on.

    The smoking comment on the NPR show was great. He was so reluctant to fess up to Terry. But she’s like Barbara Walters – you can’t lie to her. After the smoking admission, I almost expected Shapiro to start listing everything he does that goes against the advice of his book. “And I carpet my floor in plastic bags! And I clean my dishes with ant killer instead of soap! And I am wearing women’s makeup!”

  4. PS Being sick is my excuse for sleeping past noon, not for reading your blog. I would read your blog anytime.

  5. Mark Shapiro article in Harper’s.

  6. wow ))
    its very point of view.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thx 🙂

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