Dubai is like a spoiled rich girl whose 16th birthday is coming up


Underwater hotels, artificial islands, amusement parks twice the size of Disney World, the world’s tallest buildings, indoor ski resorts, and a mall with “9,000 square feet of shopping.” Is this really what we’re doing with all our money? Is this really wise? Aren’t we earthlings just getting closer to becoming an alien super civilization? These pictures are going to give me nightmares. But the TutzTutz post was still worth reading because of the user comment “These people play Sim City WAY too much!!!”



Dubai in 1990



Dubai in 2007

4 Thoughts on “Dubai is like a spoiled rich girl whose 16th birthday is coming up

  1. Not like a spoiled rich BOY?

    Careful about those gender generalizations…

  2. You’re right. That was a sexist thing to say. I just know how much spoiled rich girls like construction cranes, scaffolding, and bulldozers, and I made assumptions.

  3. Whenever I played SimCity, I’d build this humongous, awesome city … and then unleash tornadoes, earthquakes, and monsters in an attempt to destroy the thing. At the same time I’d raise taxes and deplete my fire/police spending to zero. Being a vengeful God in video game form was fun.

  4. I prefer to be a vengeful god in human form.

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