Three glorious pages of leaked Diablo Cody screenplay

I’m pretty sure it’s an overdone fake, but man is that former stripper clever, sassy, and knowledgeable about music.

Leaked Diablo Cody screenplay from

6 Thoughts on “Three glorious pages of leaked Diablo Cody screenplay

  1. Gots to be for real, homeslice! Who else could write with that kind of sass and verve? Edgy!

  2. In a perfect world, Diablo Cody (and her screenplays) would be dragged through town behind a pack of wild horses. What was left would be eaten by wild dogs, and the wild dogs would be served as food to wild bobcats, who would then be shot into the sun. Then the sun would need to be snuffed out, so we’d all perish, all to rid the world of future Junos.

  3. D-
    And that, in a nutshell, is why I go out with you.

  4. Wow, I heard you guys hated that movie but YIKES!
    Perhaps I should be ashamed but I thought it was fine. Trying too hard but fine. I don’t ask much of movies, though. However “We Own The Night” was horrible. I mean I didn’t think it would qualify as good but…..horrible. I think that is what it is called?

  5. We just like being contrary. And I swoon whenever Darren loses it and starts talking about shooting something into the sun.

    We Own the Night. . .Is that the one where Bruce Willis gets naked?

  6. It is WAAAAkeeen Pheonix and Mark Wahlberg. Cop brother in conflict with druggie hipster brother in the 80’s. Bad.

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