A few links about critters and the people who love them


1. They’re bisexual, especially in captivity.

2. They’ve enjoyed a short history of radical human advocacy.

3. They would prefer it if you didn’t touch them there.

4. But if you do touch them there, at least make flan afterwards.

One Thought on “A few links about critters and the people who love them

  1. The Chimp and the Woman
    by Sean Cullen

    There was an old woman who lived alone
    No one called her on the telephone
    She went into the woods one day
    Found a young chimp, who had gone astray
    She took that little primate home
    So she wouldn’t have to be alone
    They spent the winter together
    Warm in their love, despite the harshness of the winter weather
    The chimp and the woman
    Living together in a house of stone
    The chimp and the woman
    They made that house a home
    The chimp and the woman were happy there
    The chimp was safe; the woman had found a friend
    But when the townsfolk heard of this bizarre affair
    They said how could she love a creature that is covered with hair?
    They came with axes and torches
    They burnt the front and back porches
    They kicked in the door
    Shouting “Death to the chimp-loving whore!”
    But she was gone; no one knew where they went
    Years went by, the world spun around
    Then one day a strange creature walked into town
    It came in from the wild
    It was a half human half chimp hybrid child
    And it said: I am the chimpy child, on whom fortune has smiled
    If we could live in peace, then all hatred would cease
    If we could live with love, with blessings from up above
    If we could just hold hands, then maybe we’d understand
    And the people, the people…
    They beat him to death with a rock.

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