New site design makes me feel urban

Maybe we can feel urban together.

13 Thoughts on “New site design makes me feel urban

  1. I don’t like change.

  2. Unless we’re talking about Obama. Or shiny quarters.

  3. Christos on January 2, 2009 at 6:09 am said:

    i like it!

  4. Did you get this theme at Urban Outfitters? Nyuck nyuck.

    I like it. Looks “married.”

  5. Actually I bought the theme from American Apparel. It came with free leg warmers!

    We still haven’t gotten the photos to work though. The husband will repair the glitches soon. It’s a traditional marriage: I cook dinner and clean the house, he fixes the family websites when they break down.

  6. Eeeeuuuuhhh!


    [flaps hands about helplessly]


  7. You don’t like it? Should I try something else?

  8. Nice and clean and light – perfect start for a new year. 🙂
    My favorite part is the “clicky clicky…”

  9. Change frightens me.

  10. Sigh. I understand.

  11. Um, whoa. I can’t even think of what to think about all this.

    OMG! I heart your new “look” sooooooooo much! Wow! And yay!

  12. i like it!

  13. WOW! Look at you! Hmmm…

    This doesn’t look like it was created by your genius husband. And if it was, now I’ll never, ever, fall under his tutelage no matter how long/much/hard I beg for it.

    Hope life is good, Mrs. Hoyt. : )

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