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Autism: The Musical

It’s a documentary about a woman in California who starts a performance art company for autistic children. The kids are incredible–they’re superstars–and as much as you feel sorry for the parents who have to give up their former lives for their high maintenance children, you’re also sort of jealous that they get to co-habitate with such cool little people.  The kids have to overcome so many behavioral and neurological obstacles just to be seen. It’s a really moving, funny, and fascinating piece of work.

The film reminded me a little of How’s Your News?, a1999 documentary directed by the writer Arthur Bradford. It’s about a mentally challenged news team that drives across the country, interviewing strangers.

I love humans sometimes. We’re all pretty great in our own way.  God bless those who catch us being great on film.

By the way if someone wants to shoot a movie about my daily struggle to stop devouring leftover Halloween candy, please write. I only ask that you make me endearing and sympathetic to the end viewer. I will also need my own trailer and a wardrobe consultant.

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